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About Us

Wicked Wicks is a small candle company based out of Maine. Jon and Amara started crafting candles as a hobby, but quickly transitioned into a company. It has become our passion and we are wickedly excited to share it with you. We are a detail-oriented company that has spent a lot of time researching what it takes to make a quality candle that our customers will love. We started making our candles out of 100% organic soy wax compared to the traditional paraffin wax most people are used to. Soy wax burns cleaner, slower, and emits less soot into the air. We use all-natural cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn.

First initial burn requires a minimum burn time of at least two hours, or until top layer of wax has completely pooled. Once achieved, you may burn our candles for a maximum of four hours at a time. be sure to trim the wick before every use to ensure the cleanest possible burn.